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About Vesper, the Count of Creepy and Doyen of the OokySpooky

Why choose OokySpooky?


Piercings and modifications can be an avenue of self-expression and reclamation of the body and should always be performed with the utmost trust and respect which are at the heart of the core values at OokySpooky.

With Vesper’s years of study and practise in the fields of anatomy, physiology, embalming, biology and restorative art from his University degrees in Microbiology from the University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida) and Funeral Services from St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, Florida) prior to his career in modification, he brings a medical background and unique perspective to his craft. He also completed a year-long apprenticeship in piercing and body modifications training along with years of working in the field that a 4 to 6 day piercing course cannot compare with. 

Vesper pierces exclusively using blade needles and disposable insertion tapers from Stiletto Piercing. Unlike cannula needles which are made for intravenous procedures (blood draws and IV insertion) in the medical field, blade needles are designed and produced specifically for the piercing industry and allow for application of bevel theory and higher precision as well as cause less trauma to surrounding tissue as they are engineered for the purpose of puncturing tissue rather than being inserted into a vein for cannula placement.

All of his sterilisation products and equipment are medical grade and is one of the only area studios with both a high capacity vacuum/steam autoclave from Prestige Medical Equipment as well as an Enbio fast cycle autoclave that is used for all jewellery purchases made on the day of piercing to ensure everything he uses is medically sterile.

Vesper only uses internally threaded or threadless (where applicable – ball captive and clicker rings do not have threading, of course!) ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium, niobium, and solid 14ct gold jewellery from brands such as Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Invictus, Implant Grade Body Jewellery, QualiTi, Apex Handcrafted Body Jewellery, Junipurr, and Ti Couture.

For Vesper, piercing and modification are his passions and he focuses exclusively on body piercing (including genital/intimate and microdermal implants), scarification, transdermal (silicone) implants, RFID implants, and branding. His goal is for every client to express themselves and realise the vision they have for their body. 

Vesper endeavours to provide every client with exceptional professionalism, eye to detail, design, and technique at a competitive price given his abundant qualifications. Vesper also holds all necessary registrations, insurances and certifications with the local authority to practice his craft. OokySpooky is proud to exclusively use and offer luxury implant-grade titanium and 14ct gold jewellery from Industrial Strength, Anatometal, NeoMetal, Invictus, Junipurr, Tish Lyon, Implant Grade, QualiTi, and Ti Couture which are manufactured in the UK, EU, and the USA.

Feeling inspired to express yourself through unique body modifications?

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Cheri ScottCheri Scott
06:36 08 Jun 23
Amazing. I felt comfortable, we had a lovely chat. It’s inclusive, prodessional, clean. Everything you’d look for!
Merges R.Merges R.
13:14 31 May 23
I am thankful to Vesper for being so professional and positive. I dreamed the Tragus for such a long time but my big fear was the pain. We had such a good time talking and I didn’t feel any pain at all!!!High quality jewellery, plenty of choice, clean environment and comprehensive instructions. Definitely recommend and happy to come back !
Laura MauroLaura Mauro
12:33 22 May 23
Absolutely faultless experience. I had my tongue pierced and the bar downsized a week later. Vesper’s professionalism and friendliness made the whole thing so much less nerve-wracking! The piercing itself was smooth, easy and done with top notch equipment & jewellery – you really do get what you pay for. Will absolutely be returning
06:53 24 Apr 23
My daughter has had many piercings here. Vesper and Alec are lovely. Highly recommend


Information and Prices

The below price list is a cost breakdown of each piercing with basic ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium jewellery from NeoMetal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, or Inari Organics and the non-negotiable minimum age at which I offer each piercing due to insurance reasons.

Don’t see the piercing you are looking for here? Please enquire!

The £5 deposit applies to the Service Fee.


Piercing Price List Breakdown - Text version in dropdown below


Lobe (x1) (6+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Lobe (x2) (6+) £45 Labrets (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £90  
Helix (12+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Forward Helix (12+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Tragus (12+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Anti Tragus (16+) £35 Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Daith (12+) £35 Circular Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Conch (12+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
“Flat” (12+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Rook (12+) £35 Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Scaffold (16+) £45 Scaffold Barbell £20 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £85  
Orbital (16+) £50 Clicker Ring £25 N/A   £75  
Nostril (14+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball or Disc £10 £60  
High Nostril (16+) £55 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball or Disc £10 £85  
Mantis (Two Piercings) (18+) £65 Labrets (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Ball or Disc (x2) £20 £115  
Eyebrow (16+) £35 Curved Bar £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Septum (16+) £35 Circular Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Bridge / Erl (18+) £45 Barbell £15 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Standard Lip (16+) £35 Labret £15 Plain Titanium Ball £10 £60  
Standard Lip x2 (“Bites”) (16+) £45 Labrets (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £95  
Vertical Labret (16+) £35 Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Vertical Philtrum (16+) £35 Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Tongue x1(16+) £50 Barbell £15 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £85  
Tongue x2 (16+) £55 Barbells (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Balls (x4) £40 £125  
Tongue Web (16+) £35 Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Dimple x2 (18+) £50 Barbells (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Balls (x4) £40 £120  
“Smiley” (16+) £35 Circular Barbell £25 Plain Ti Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Navel (14+) £35 Plain Curved Barbell £25 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £80  
Nipple (18+) £40 Barbell £15 Plain Titanium Balls (x2) £20 £75  
Nipple x2 (18+) £45 Barbells (x2) £30 Plain Titanium Balls (x4) £40 £115  
Surface (18+) £45 Staple Bar £40 Plain Titanium Domes (x2) £60 £145  
Dermal (18+) £45 Anchor Base £30 Plain Titanium Dome £30 £105  
Intimate (Genital) (21+) POI £25 Deposit          
Scarification POI 30% Deposit          

OokySpooky is proud to exclusively offer implant-grade (ASTM-F136) titanium, niobium, and 14ct gold jewellery manufactured in the UK, EU, and USA by Industrial Strength Body Jewellery, Anatometal Body Jewellery, NeoMetal Body Jewellery, Inari Organics, Invictus Body Jewellery, Junipurr Body Jewellery, Implant Grade Body Jewellery, and Apex Handcrafted Body Jewellery.

All initial piercings are fitted with classic implant-grade ASTM-F136 titanium jewellery that meets UKAPP standards. The pieces are either internally threaded or threadless from either Industrial Strength Body Jewellery, Anatometal Body Jewellery, Inari Organics, or NeoMetal Body Jewellery.

Vesper stocks a large variety of decorative implant-grade ASTM-F136 titanium, niobium, and 14ct gold jewellery in the studio from a variety of luxury body jewellery brands. He is always happy to help you select the perfect piece for your piercing! Prices range from £45 – £450 for rings and £20 – £450 for attachments.

The piercing fee also includes aftercare for the life of the piercing (availability to answer any questions, etc.).

Vesper only pierces using blade needles, as piercing guns can cause trauma to cartilage due to the nature of the implement and cannula needles are not optimised for piercing. 

Scarification requires a consultation. A 30% deposit is required for scarification appointments. These deposits are non-refundable.

Please be advised if you are interested in a microdermal implant Vesper will not put them anywhere near the spine, back of the neck, stomach, shins, or over moving joints for safety reasons.

Jewellery Changes and Check-Ups:

Jewellery Purchase and Install – £10
~ An appointment to purchase jewellery and have it fitted and installed in an existing piercing. The £10 deposit is applied toward any jewellery purchase made.
Piercing Check-Up – £15
~ This is ONLY a check-up to ask any questions about an existing piercing if you need to see Vesper in person. You can also use this time to ask any questions about existing piercings that were performed elsewhere if you have questions or concerns.
Jewellery Removal – £15
~ If you are having problems removing a piece of jewellery, Vesper will remove it for you. This is an appointment for jewellery removal only – please remember that there is no guarantee that a piercing without jewellery in it will remain open for an extended period of time! To purchase and have a new piece of jewellery installed, please select the “Jewellery Purchase and Install” appointment option.
Emergency Appointment – £15
~ Emergency Appointments are for clients to need to book in with Vesper for an URGENT check-up outside of normal business hours. If a repiercing is required, the full piercing fee will be incurred. These appointment types are only to be made with pre-approval with Vesper so cannot be made via the booking system and must be manually entered. To book one of these appointments please contact the OokySpooky Facebook page at http://facebook.com/OokySpooky or email Vesper at vesper@ookyspooky.uk

Contact Us

Enter the Morelands Estate from Bristol Rd, just opposite the karting track by the Aldi traffic lights. Go through into the tunnel and turn immediately right towards Polite Auto into the car park. Go in the white door, past the stairs through the black door, straight on, follow the hall around to the right, we’re the last door on the left!

There is also a back entrance to the main car park which is off Seymore Rd, If you park here you’ll need to walk down the tunnel and then left when you get towards the Bristol Road entrance.