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About Anne, the Countess of Creepy and Madame of the OokySpooky

Anne has been fond of the strange and unusual for years. She holds her ASc in Funeral Services from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Her career as a funeral director and embalmer has given her a unique insight into human anatomy and physiology as well as customer service. The years of experience she has had in dealing with human anatomy has enabled her to understand the nuances of the body so that each piercing and modification is done with the utmost care and attention to placement and technique. She studied piercing and modification under Alfie Baker.

Anne is fully insured and holds her licences with both the Gloucester City Council and Newport City Council. In addition to her training in piercing and modification, she has also been certified in bloodborne pathogen, communicable disease, and cross-contamination prevention.

Her goal is to provide each client with an exceptional experience through skilled technique and professionalism.

Information and Prices

Anne only pierces using needles, as piercing guns can cause trauma to cartilage due to the nature of the implement. The needles she uses are Braun Introcan. They are individually sealed using EO gas meaning that sterility is guaranteed.

Scarification and Transdermal Implants require a consultation. A 30% deposit is required for scarification appointments and a deposit to cover the price of the silicone implant is required for all Transdermal Implant bookings. The price of the implant varies with size.

Piercing prices include jewellery, the option of topical anaesthetic (numbing spray), and aftercare for life (jewellery changes, availability to answer any questions, etc.)

All initial piercings are fitted with medical implant grade titanium or surgical stainless steel jewellery. Ooky Spooky is proud to exclusively offer jewellery manufactured in the UK.

Body Modification:


Prices vary depending on size and design complexity. Please schedule a consultation for a quote.

Please Enquire or Book a consultation.

Transdermal Implants:

From £450. Please schedule a consultation for exact pricing.

Please Enquire or Book a consultation.

Dermal Implants:

£50 each, £95 for two

Body Piercing:


Lobe – £20
Second and Third Lobe – £25
Transverse Lobe – £25
Scaffold – £40
Trident – £90
All Other Cartilage – £25
~ Daith, Tragus, Rook, Helix, Forward Helix, Snug, Orbital, Anti-Tragus, Inner Conch, Outer Conch


Nostril – £25
Septum – £35


Jewelled Barbell – £35
Reverse Navel – £35


Labret (Including Lowbret, Medusa, and Monroe) – £25
Vertical Labret – £35
Bites (Two Hole) – £45
~ Snake Bites, Angel Bites, Cyber Bites, Spider Bites, Viper Bites, Dolphin Bites, Dahlia Bites, Joker Bites
Bites (Three Hole) – £70
~ Triangle Bites
Bites (Four Hole)  – £95
~ Canine Bites, Shark Bites, T-Rex Bites
Tongue – £35

Other Facial:

Bridge – £40
Eyebrow – £20


Ladies: £25 each, £45 pair
Gentlemen: £20 each, £35 pair


Please Enquire or Book a consultation.

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