Age Restrictions:

  • Under UK piercing laws, there are age restrictions when it comes to piercings. For most piercings the age of consent is 16. Anyone under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present to sign the consent form. They must be present IN PERSON – a phone call will not be accepted.
  • The age of consent for female nipple piercings is 18 and genital piercings (below the belt) for both sexes is 21. Even if a parent or guardian is present, it is illegal for these piercings to be performed as it can be classified as indecent assault.
  • The age of consent for male nipple piercings is 16, however as previously mentioned the age of consent for female nipple piercings is 18. This is due to the development and functions of the female nipple versus the male nipple.
  • Scarification and Transdermal Implants are not suitable for clients with certain medical conditions such as clotting disorders or autoimmune conditions.
  • Scarification and Transdermal Implants are only available to clients over the age of 18.

Piercing Guarantee:

  • Should your piercing need to be removed due to a medical procedure or if it closes due to accidental jewellery loss, it can be re-pierced for the small fee of £10. This is to cover basic material costs.
  • The re-piercing price is not valid for any piercings that have been removed due to one changing his or her mind and deciding they do not want it only to change their mind once again. In this instance, full price will be charged.
  • Microdermal Implants are not covered by the piercing guarantee as these are body modifications, not piercings.

Jewellery Returns and Exchanges:

  • Under no circumstance can jewellery be returned or exchanged due to hygienic reasons unless a product is faulty due to manufacturing error.