A: Per my insurer’s requirements if you are 16+ and coming on your own or 18+ requesting an age restricted piercing you must have your own photo ID with you. Acceptable forms of ID include either provisional or full driving license, UK citizenship card, Passport, Validate UK Card, and anything with a holographic PASS logo. Photocopies or photographs are not accepted.

A photograph and date of birth are required on the ID. College cards, etc. unfortunately do not meet the necessary criteria.

If you are under 16 you MUST have a parent or legal guardian accompany you regardless of the type of piercing. They must have their ID with them. Phone calls will not be accepted – your guardian must be physically present in the studio.

Scarification is age restricted to 18+ ONLY. ID will be required at the consultation prior to the booking being made.

Age limits on all piercings and services are Non-negotiable. To view the varied age limits on services please review them here: https://ookyspooky.uk/prices/

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