A: No. Jewellery is purchased separately and final cost will be dependent on the jewellery options selected at your appointment.

Basic ASTM-F136 Implant Grade Titanium jewellery from Anatometal, Industrial Strength, NeoMetal, or Inari Organics starts at £25.

I stock a large variety of implant-grade (ASTM-F136) titanium, 14ct gold, and niobium jewellery in the studio from a variety of luxury body jewellery brands. I’m always happy to help you select the perfect piece for your piercing! Prices range from £45 – £450 for rings and £20 – £450 for attachments. I can also order pieces in especially for you.

One of the things I have always striven for is providing the highest quality and safest piercing and/or modification experience at the best value for money and price I can possibly offer. Please be cautious of compromising quality for a lower price. This is your body and piercing is a cosmetic implant that should not be taken lightly. Not all piercers are the same, and not all body jewellery is made equally…always research your piercer to see if they are right for you.

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